16. Aug 2022

The Virtual Days for Global Estonian Youth are here again!

For the second year in a row, MTÜ Ülemaailmne Eesti Noortevõrgustik is organizing the Global Estonian Youth Virtual Days 2021 through Zoom, where on two consecutive Saturdays, June 5 and June 12 2021, young people with Estonian roots gather to reflect on Estonian identity across borders.

The aim of the Virtual Days is to unite Estonian people aged 14-35 years around the world by providing a platform to have discussions and share your own experiences with maintaining the Estonian identity. It is an opportunity to keep in touch with Estonian roots and get to know other Estonians regardless of their location and the surrounding community.

Last year’s Virtual Days clearly showed that this is an exceptional opportunity to be in a common virtual space with almost 100 Estonian young people from more than 20 different countries!

This year’s main topics are moving to Estonia and returning to Estonia (June 5) and language learning (June 12). In both cases, there are exciting panel discussions with youth and respective specialists, which provide inspiration for the discussions among the participants. Participants can ask questions, discuss and express their opinions in order to further develop the topic. In addition, inspiring speeches await on both days. Among others, Marina Kaljurand will talk about Estonian identity in different parts of the world and how young people can contribute to sharing the Estonian country’s reputation and success story abroad.

“I am sincerely glad that young Estonians around the world are so actively contributing to the preservation and promotion of being Estonian worldwide!”, said former Minister of Population Riina Solman in the aftermath of the previous virtual days. “This shows that Estonian identity across borders has gained new strength in the form of younger generations and young Estonians around the world are appreciating their heritage and keeping in touch,” she added.

The information of the Virtual Days is constantly being updated and soon all the performers and panelists will be available on the Virtual Days 2021 Facebook event. Additional information and registration can be found at: bit.ly/virtuaalpaevad21. All participants who actively participate on both days will be awarded recognition by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Global Estonian Youth Network (ÜENV) is a youth organization founded in 2019, to represent and protect the rights of Estonian youth living abroad, support Estonian youth’s connections with Estonia and unite Estonian youth around the world. It is safe to say that Estonian youth have taken to heart Lennart Meri’s noble proclamation: “we are all responsible for our country together and each one separately.”